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Central Information System of State Forests - infrastructure management module

The module is used to manage different types of infrastructure objects of the forest inspectorate. Its particular functionality is handling the road network


System for national parks, experimental forest units or urban forests that supports management of forest land and protection plan execution


A system designed to collect and process data from the monitoring of terrestrial species and habitats in Poland, commissioned by the Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection


Advanced software for field inventory works. It has modules for GNSS measurements and for handling numerical data. It is used by users in the field of geodesy, environmental protection, water supply, natural gas network operators and other GIS-related practical applications


The module is used to support processes of preparing forest management plans for forest inspectorates: data entry and checks, calculations, reporting, communication with external forest management planning companies


The system, commissioned by the Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection, is used to collect and process data from the monitoring of marine species and habitats


SusPigSys is a system for collecting information on pig breeding



A computer vision system for forest fire detection by analysing images from fire-fighting surveillance cameras and automatic smoke recognition


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